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Transform Hockey Academy is a full-time academy providing grades 6-12 education with the additional benefits of training, on-ice development, and sport specific electives all during school hours! 

In line with Transform's all-inclusive, approach to athlete development, the Academy has partnered with the absolute best in the industry to provide all the tools to take you to the next level. On a weekly basis student athletes will work with Transform's Adam Geric, PowerWest Athletics Mena Westhaver, and Hockey Evolution's Rob Armstrong!

Additionally we have developed a part-time Highschool Hybrid Option for secondary school students to receive all the benefits of THA while remaining at their current school.

"We view Transform Hockey Academy as a perfect bridge into the academy lifestyle. It offers the additional development time needed for elite athletes while being able to thrive in a personalized school setting” - Adam Geric


Transform Hockey Academy (THA) offers a comprehensive educational and athletic program designed to cater to the needs of students in grades 7 through 12. With academics modeled after successful Canadian Sports School, THA provides a unique educational experience tailored specifically to student-athletes, ensuring they can effectively balance academic pursuits with athletic endeavors while fulfilling all graduation requirements in British Columbia.

THA integrates academic instruction with athletic development to equip student-athletes with the skills and knowledge necessary for success both on and off the ice. Within our program, THA caters to both Middle School (grades 7-8) and High School (grades 9-12) cohorts, offering a comprehensive educational curriculum alongside specialized training in hockey.

The Academy Program at THA is structured around four fundamental pillars:

1. Academics: Students follow the British Columbia public school curriculum for grades 7-12, facilitated through SIDES (South Island Distance Education School). Within a private school environment, student-athletes benefit from a diverse range of sport-specific credit options, all core courses, and ensuring they meet academic standards while pursuing their athletic ambitions.

2. Strength Training: Through our state-of-the-art Transform Performance Centre, students recieve personalized strength training programs tailored to their individual needs. These programs encompass a spectrum of areas including strength, power, speed, mobility, stability, and skill training, enhancing athletic performance, and minimizing the risk of injury.

3. On-Ice Development: Professional coaches oversee comprehensive on-ice training sessions focused on skating, skill development, and goalie training. Our 40-week program is meticulously designed to elevate players' performance and propel them to the next level of their hockey careers.

4. Sport Performance & Hockey IQ Training: Weekly elective sessions cover a range of topics crucial for athletic success. These include the development of athlete portfolios, media training, nutrition, sports psychology, and concussion management workshops. Furthermore, students engage in classroom-based sessions aimed at refining on-ice decision-making skills through video analysis and strategic discussions.

At Transform Hockey Academy, we are committed to nurturing well-rounded student-athletes who excel academically, athletically, and personally, providing them with the tools and resources necessary to thrive in all aspects of life.



BC public school curriculum for grades 6-12 is provided through NIDES & SIDES.

Students are in a private school setting with extensive academic and administrative support. Further students benefit from sport specific credit options including athlete portfolios, sport psychology, nutrition, and more. All students will be well prepared and over-qualified for post-secondary education.

In addition to 9 weekly academic blocks, students have additional flex periods for homework and have on-line support for weekends. The week is structured for students to complete all assignments and homework during school hours, leaving evenings and weekends free for team activities. 

Leah Saban - Academic Coordinator
Joel Hooton 
- Teacher
Gerald Fussell - Principal


With 3 ice sessions weekly throughout the school year there is endless time to perfect skating and skills to take you to the next level! THA provides a full 10-months of on-ice sessions with professional coaches Rob Armstrong, Mena Westhaver, Adam Geric and goalie coach Leighton Williams.

Coaches will work through a 10-month program, connecting skating and skill sessions to develop an overall elite player. Each week will consist of sessions from all 3 coaches who will always be there to improve each player with anything they need!

Rob Armstrong
, Hockey Evolution - Skills Coach
Mena Westhaver, PowerWest Athletics - Skating Coach
Adam Geric, Transform Sports - Skating & Skills Coach
Leighton Williams - Goalie Coach



With 3 weekly strength sessions, 1 weekly recovery session and a total of 200+ gym hours athletes can expect to see drastic changes in hockey specific strength and overall athleticism. All sessions will take place on-site at Transform Sports Performance Centre with Transform strength coaches Adam Geric and Chris Phillips.

With a full 10 months of Strength & Conditioning, athletes will progress through multiple phases and improve on the core attributes of Strength, Power, Speed, Mobility, Stability, and Skill.

Benefitting from a consistent group of all hockey players, sessions will progress into hockey specific training and periodization will be set to optimize players peak performance in their current season.

Athletes will learn the fundamentals of training and learn how to succeed through consistent training in a positive and energetic atmosphere. 

Adam Geric, Transform Sports - Strength & Conditioning Coach
Chris Phillips, Transform Sports - Strength Coach & Yoga Instructor


    - Full academic, on-ice & training schedule September-June
    - 120 hours of on-ice instruction
    - 200+ hours of strength & conditioning instruction
    - Professional coaches always available to support athletes
    - On-line schooling to allow flexibility and self-paced learning
    - Full-time academic support in typical classroom setting
    - Sport specific electives
    - Hockey IQ Class
    - All-training completed during school hours
    - Evenings and weekends free for team activities and travel
    - THA gear including bags, jerseys, and training gear
    -Competitive and positive environment bringing the best out of each athlete


Interested in all of the benefits of THA training but looking to remain at your current school?

Our Highschool Hybrid option allows players to attend on-ice development sessions and strength training sessions while remaining at their current highschool. THA will offer the flexibility to schedule training sessions around set timetables while players will still enjoy the benefits of training during school hours, leaving evenings and weekends open for team activities!


    - 120 hours of on-ice instruction
    - 200+ hours of strength & conditioning instruction
    - Professional coaches always available to support athletes
    - Flexible schedule to accommodate high school timetables
    - All-training completed during school hours
    - Evenings and weekends free for team activities and travel
    - THA gear including bags, jerseys, and training gear
    -Competitive and positive environment bringing the best out of each athlete


If you have any questions about the Transform Hockey Academy please contact Leah at

Transform Hockey Academy will be hosting tryouts for the 2024-2025 season in June of 2024. If you are interested please email with the following:

1. First & last name of athlete
2. Date of birth
3. Current hockey team