The most in depth off-season program available. Guaranteed to take your game to the next level and prepare you physically and mentally for your season! Transform provides the ultimate preparation to enhance your hockey career!

MAY 19 - AUGUST 21 2020

Transform's Hockey Performance Program is a hockey specific training program that strategically incorporates gym sessions, on-ice skill sessions and educational seminars.

With multiple locations and a variety of start dates, the Hockey Performance Program meets every players needs. Daily gym sessions held at both Eagle Ridge Training Centre in Langford and BPM Athlete Studio in Victoria. Both locations are large sport specific facilities that meet the needs of todays elite athletes.

Seminars will include a wide range of topics such as nutrition, sleep, visualization, game video, and skating mechanics.

All programs use the most up to date periodization techniques to ensure athletes get the most out of each workout while ensuring appropriate recovery times. All programs will incorporate strength, power, stability, speed, conditioning, mobility, recovery, and mental performance. 

Program Highlights:

  • Up To 75 Gym Training Sessions
  • 90 Minute Sessions Daily
  • 8 On-Ice Skating & Skill Sessions
  • Dry-Ice Shooting Instruction
  • Sport Yoga
  • Daily Protein & Supplements
  • Transform Training Shirt & Bottle

Additional Features:

  • Nutrition Programming
  • Mental Preparation & Visualization Techniques
  • On-Call Athletic Therapist & Massage (Victoria location)
  • May 19 or July 6 Start Dates
  • 3/Week & 5/Week Options
  • Langford & Victoria Locations
Contact Adam Geric for more information:
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